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Apprenticeships > Hairdressing Apprenticeships > Hairdressing Level 3 Apprenticeship

Hairdressing Level 3 Apprenticeship


What will I be doing?

The advanced apprenticeship in hairdressing will see you carrying out services including cutting patterns in hair, colouring, colour correction and creative hairdressing.

Designed as a progression from the Hairdressing level 2 qualification, in this advanced apprenticeship you will enhance your hairdressing knowledge and implement cutting-edge techniques that will take your career to the next level.

The apprenticeship will involve more complex and challenging techniques and a wider variety of duties compared to Hairdressing level 2. Duties may include:

      • Creatively cutting hair using a combination of techniques
      • Colouring and lightening hair
      • Designing original styles
      • Providing consultation services

There will also be additional modules in which you will get involved with the financial effectiveness and promotional activities of the business.

What qualifications will I get?

You will achieve a level 3 Diploma in Hairdressing and if required, level 2 Functional Skills in Mathematics and English.

The qualification continues on from the foundation of knowledge you will have learned on the level 2 apprenticeship, giving you substantial training to become an asset to the industry.

What are the entry requirements?

As the level 3 apprenticeship requires more extensive knowledge of the industry, it is recommended that you first complete the level 2 apprenticeship in Hairdressing.

However, there are exceptions for those that can show at least a year’s worth of experience and knowledge on the industry, but this depends on the choices of the employer. Being comfortable communicating with clients is also fundamental in this role.

What can I do afterwards?

Upon completing this apprenticeship you will be qualified to work in hair salons and as an experienced senior hairdresser.

You will also have the confidence you need to pursue your ideal career path, whether it’s owning your own salon, becoming a session stylist or working in specialist industries such as film and fashion.

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