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Corporate training courses: managed learning services

Corporate Training Courses and Solutions

In many areas of your organisation, well-honed specialist skills and knowledge are essential. Through our tailored corporate training, we help organisations develop expertise in areas vital to success.


The benefits of corporate training courses and solutions

By investing in corporate training, you could achieve:

  • Highly respected qualifications that help raise your profile
  • Professional development of your staff in line with current best practice
  • Increased business performance through developing in-house expertise
  • Heightened confidence and engagement among staff

Tailored to your needs

The needs of your organisation are unique, and so are our programmes. We work with you to design and deliver solutions that address your specific requirements.

Our managed learning solutions focus on your organisational goals, sourcing and managing training in line with your broader strategy.

Flexible learning

Many employers are put off by the thought of staff having to take large amounts of time away from the organisation to attend classes.

That’s why many of our corporate training courses are offered through distance learning. This means your staff can study anywhere at any time, whether it’s during time allocated by the organisation, or from home at evenings and weekends.

Distance learning includes dedicated tutor support, with expert help always on hand. Our advanced virtual learning environment guides staff through their qualification, with forums, in-depth resources, interactive activities, practice assessments, and more.

Our corporate training options

While we can work with you to source and deliver whatever you need, we already specialise in a number of areas, including leadership and management, accounting and finance, project management and business analysis. Find out more about our qualifications here.

Professional development courses: corporate training

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