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Leadership and Management Courses

Leadership and Management Courses

We develop and support outstanding leaders. Our approach blends group discussion, one-to-one sessions, and independent study, to create highly effective leadership programmes.

Programmes cover three central themes:

  • Engaging leadership – develop your ability to engage, motivate, inspire and mentor team members.
  • Leading change – lead your team or organisation through challenging situations to a better future.
  • Ongoing improvement – drive the improvement of people and processes to achieve outstanding results.

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I have found the whole experience groundbreaking. I am learning so much about myself. – Danny O’Shea, Sir Robert McAlpine

I’ve never met an educator with so much passion, enthusiasm and experience – with a natural ability to inspire others and provoke positive debate. – Stuart Dean, PerkinElmer

This is a journey of self-discovery and improvement, with the outcome of me as a better manager and leader, and a more balanced person. – Danny O’Shea, Sir Robert McAlpine


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Level 4 Leadership and Management

Ideal for those with little leadership experience or newly appointed to a management role, who want to start their leadership development journey.

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Level 5 Leadership and Management

Designed for middle managers who want to advance their understanding and prepare themselves for new challenges.

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Level 6 Leadership and Management

Forming a ‘bridge’ between the level 5 and level 7 qualifications, this is ideal for middle managers who want to develop their strategic understanding.

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Level 7 Strategic Management and Leadership

Allows experienced leaders to broaden their skill-sets and hone existing abilities.

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Level 8 Strategic Direction and Leadership

A doctoral qualification designed to support senior leaders to achieve exemplary performance for, and beyond, the organisation.

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The Chartered Manager Award

Enables you to achieve chartered status – the highest status a leader and manager can achieve as a professional.

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Leadership and management courses

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