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Take a look at our upcoming webinars and recordings of previous webinars.

Where Can Business Admin Take You?

Learn what roles you can take on with a business admin qualification, and the variety of skills you will gain.

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What do accounting employers look for

What Do Accounting Employers Look For?

Learn what impresses prospective accounting employers, from experience and qualifications, to your approach to professional situations.

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Successful personal qualities webinar

3 Personal Qualities of Successful People

Find out how which qualities all successful people have in common, from excellent time management to high self-esteem.

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Is a Finance Career Right for Me?

Gain a deeper look into what several finance roles involve, and what qualifications you need to get started.

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How to find the best accounting candidates

How to Find the Best Accounting Candidates

If you’re growing your organisation’s accounting function, you’ll want to make sure you select only the best candidates.

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How to manage former peers

How to Manage Former Peers

We show those who have been promoted above their peers how to maintain strong, productive relationships with team members.

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How to Start a Career in Social Media & Digital Marketing

Gain a real insight into a social media and digital marketing career, and the experience you need to get there.

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Which accounting qualification should you choose

Which Accounting Qualification Should You Choose?

If you’ve chosen to pursue a career in accounting, the next step is to pick your qualification route.

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Managing a team for the first time

Managing a Team for the First Time

As a new manager or team leader, find out how to engage people with a shared vision, motivating them towards achieving specific goals.

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What clients need to know about apprenticeship levy

What Clients Need to Know about the Apprenticeship Levy

Find out how to answer your clients’ questions about the Apprenticeship Levy, from the financial to the practical implications.

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Apprenticeship Webinar What Parents Need to Know

Apprenticeships: What Parents Need to Know

With your son or daughter’s exams coming up, they may need some career advice. Find out what an apprenticeship offers and ask all your need-to-know questions in this free webinar.

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Apprenticeship reform

Apprenticeship Reforms: How Will They Affect You?

Apprenticeship policy expert Dr Gareth Thomas helps you better understand the planned changes to apprenticeships, and how they are likely to affect you and your organisation.

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how to become a mortgage advisor

How to Become a Mortgage Advisor

What do you need to get started in this rewarding and challenging role? Find out in this free webinar.

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Becoming a Finance Director

Our very own finance director Adrian is on hand to tell you all about his role, offer advice for aspiring finance directors, and answer your questions.

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Mindful leadership webinar

Mindful Leadership: the Power of Being Present in the Moment

We explore some of the basic concepts of mindfulness, and how a leader might embody and deploy these to be a positive role-model.

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How to Advance Your Accounting Career

Whatever point you’ve reached in your accounting career, it might be time to take it to the next level. So, how do you get the ball rolling?

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How will the apprenticeship levy work webinar

How Will the Apprenticeship Levy Work?

In this webinar we’ll look at how the apprenticeship levy is likely to affect your organisation from April 2017, and answer any questions you have.

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Social media for leaders

Social Media for Leaders

We explain how and why you should be using social media as a leader, from engaging your people to generating new business.

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What type of accountant should you be

What Type of Accountant Should You Be?

We walk you through the different types of accounting roles, and answer any questions you have about working in the industry.

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apprenticeship q and a

Q & A with the Apprenticeship Guru

Want to learn more about apprenticeships? Join a Q & A with the Apprenticeship Guru on National Apprenticeships Week.

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3 things accountants should know

Three things all accountants should know

If you’re considering a career in accounting, find out what knowledge you need to gain from AAT qualified accounting tutor Patricia Barlow.

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Leadership development plan

Create your personal leadership development plan

Having a leadership development plan is fundamental to good leadership, helping you follow a structured journey that leads you towards your goals.

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What do you need to become and accountant webinar

What do you need to become an accountant?

If you’ve thought about becoming an accountant, the next question on your mind will be how you go about making it happen. Let’s find out.

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Becoming a senior leader webinar

Becoming a senior leader: have you got what it takes?

So you’re looking to step up into a top position within an organisation. But have you got what it takes to become a senior leader?

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How to attract talent webinar

How to identify talent

You want to recruit people who can drive the organisation forward, but are you pushing talent away? Find out how to become a talent magnet.

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Money saving tips small businesses

Money saving tips for small businesses

Help your small business flourish by taking qualified accountant Patricia’s money saving advice.

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Cash flow forecasting webinar

Guide to cash flow forecasting

Qualified accountant Patricia Barlow shows you how to manage and forecast cash flow effectively.

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Engagement webinar

How to engage employees

Experienced leader Nigel Girling shows you how to build a committed team.

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Bookkeeping business webinar

Starting a bookkeeping business

Get free advice and guidance on getting your first bookkeeping business off the ground.

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Business budget webinarHow to write a business budget

Find out everything you need to know about writing an effective business budget.

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Team objectives webinarSetting team objectives

Find out how to set team objectives that produce real results for your organisation.

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